Tips for practitioners (some things I’ve learned, so far)

1.  Sometimes herbs make a person drowsy, even if the herbs are not prescribed for sleep.  Most people lack enough sleep.  I think, in many cases, they can finally relax after taking their herbs.

2.  Ask about a woman’s gall bladder after she has a baby.  Sometimes a woman has to have her gall bladder removed after one of her pregnancies.

3.  While asking about what a client is eating, ask her if she is remembering to eat.  A lot of busy adults skip meals.

4.  Pay attention to the pancreas.  It is common for someone to have borderline blood sugar issues.

5.  There is a dampness component to modern infertility.  And I’ve only seen yang deficiency in people during or after cancer treatment.  The infertile men I’ve treated more often had yin or Qi deficiency.

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